The 100-Trade Test by

Every good trading system will win some trades and lose some trades. The real question is, “Is this trading system profitable in the long term?”

​You cannot truly know how profitable a particular trading system is without trading it consistently, according to its rules, over an extended sample of trades.

The 100-Trade Test is designed to prove whether or not a trading system is truly profitable in the long term.​ The idea is to take 100 trades exactly as the system is taught – without interjecting my own experience into the triggers or strategies.

The best part is that you can confirm my results! I will be tracking the progress of these tests using Myfxbook. This allows you to see every trade that I take, and the results of this test cannot be manipulated.​

Each test will consist of a demo account setup with a $10,000 initial balance. Only one trading system will be used in each account. Each trading system may consist of several strategies. 1% per trade will be used as the default risk.​

Infinite Prosperity Trading Experience

Infinite Prosperity 100-Trade Test

Summary:  With a Silver or Gold membership to Infinite Prosperity, you'll learn 3 profitable swing trading strategies. The Infinite Prosperity trading system is a manually traded, technical, high reward-rate (HRR) trading method. If you'd like to learn their more advanced intra-day trading strategies, you must apply for and be accepted into their Platinum training program. I did not choose to take that route, because I originally purchased an Infinite Prosperity membership to learn profitable swing trading strategies. The results below were achieved with their swing trading strategies alone.

12.34% Gain

3.47% Monthly

7.32% Drawdown

Top Dog Trading Experience

Top Dog Trading 100-Trade Test

Summary:  The Top Dog Trading Foundations courses 1 and 2 teach a profitable trading system that includes scalping, intra-day, and swing trading strategies. Barry's method can be applied to any time frame, although good setups come along infrequently on the longer time frames (at least in the Forex market). Barry's method can also be applied to other markets, and he mostly trades e-minis himself. This method is a manually traded, technical, high strike rate (HSR) system. Barry also sells other courses, but I have not taken them. The results below were achieve with the strategies taught in his Foundations courses 1 and 2.

Note:  I made a mistake with this test, and wasn't able to finish. The drawdown that resulted is not typical for this trading system.

20.69% Gain

6.12% Monthly

26.02% Drawdown

Forex Gemini Code Review

Forex Gemini Code 100-Trade Test

Summary:  The Forex Gemini Code is a relatively expensive and unimpressive trading system and course. It uses several proprietary indicators to signal entry setups. Using a few, more standard indicators is optional. The course is not all bad. There are some helpful insights on divergence trading and market cycles, although they aren't really part of any trade setup. When I first signed up to the Forex Gemini Code there was a pretty thriving community, although it mostly consisted of students asking Vladimir (the course and system creator) questions. Today, that community is completely dead.

Note:  This 100-Trade Test resulted in only a 5.4% gain - 1% of which was a mistake.

5.4% Gain

1.58% Monthly

7.88% Drawdown