Summary:  The Forex Gemini Code is a relatively expensive and unimpressive trading system and course. It uses several proprietary indicators to signal entry setups. Using a few, more standard indicators is optional. The course is not all bad. There are some helpful insights on divergence trading and market cycles, although they aren't really part of any trade setup. When I first signed up to the Forex Gemini Code there was a pretty thriving community, although it mostly consisted of students asking Vladimir (the course and system creator) questions. Today, that community is completely dead.

The trading system is a manually traded high reward-rate (HRR) system. The Forex Gemini Code consists of three trade setups, each of which can be traded aggressively or conservatively (depending on what the proprietary indicators are signalling). It can be traded on any time frame, although Vlad recommends trading it on the 1 Hour chart or higher.

Note:  The results of this 100-Trade Test were unimpressive as I suspected they would be. During my initial testing and live trading, this trading system lost money. This time around, after 100 trades, this trading system only resulted in a 5.4% gain - 1% of which was a mistake.

Forex Gemini Code 100 Trade Test

5.4% Gain

After 100 trades, this trading system resulted in only a 5.4% gain. 1% of this gain was the result of a lot sizing mistake that I made that worked out in favor of this trading system.

1.58% Monthly

The monthly result should be slightly lower because the overall gain should be slightly lower. This number wouldn't have been greatly affected, so I believe 1.58% is fairly accurate.

7.88% Drawdown

 A 7.88% drawdown doesn't seem too bad. However, since I was only risking .5% on many of these trades (according to the rules), this actually represents a pretty long losing streak.

My Experience Testing the Forex Gemini Code

Forex Gemini Code Testing

The Forex Gemini Code is probably the least complicated trading system I have ever used. The setups are super easy to take and the trading system provides many of them each month.

Trading the Forex Gemini Code does take a large time commitment because you never know when a setup will occur. Sticking to the higher time frames, i.e., the Daily or 4 Hour charts, will lower your time commitment greatly at the cost of fewer setups.

During my initial testing of this trading system, it did very well. As you can see from the test, this trading system is prone to long winning or losing streaks. However, after continued testing and even live trading (which I should have waited on), this trading system lost money for me.

I’m actually surprised that this system resulted in any profit at all after 100 trades. In any event, 5.4% (which should be 4.4%) after 100 trades is not a result that inspires confidence in my book.

Note: I can’t seem to get through one of these tests without making at least one mistake. This time I incorrectly calculated the lot size for one of my trades. It was on a conservative trade (full risk). I meant to risk 1% but instead, I risked 1.5%. The trade worked out in my favor, resulting in a 2.9% gain which should have only been a 2% gain.

I don’t want to waste too much time talking about this trading system. It lost money for me. Read my full Forex Gemini Code review if you’d like to know more. I wanted to like this trading system but it just wasn’t profitable for me.

I have tested and live traded a few other trading systems that are profitable. You can see all of my 100-Trade Tests and full reviews to learn about them. If you’d like to learn about the trading system that I personally use for live trading, check out my full Day Trading Forex Live review.

The Technical Stuff

Average Win:  52.04 pips

Average Loss:  -31.74 pips

Strike-Rate:  48%

Biggest Win:  2.9% (should be 2%)