Summary:  With a Silver or Gold membership to Infinite Prosperity, you'll learn 3 profitable swing trading strategies. The Infinite Prosperity trading system is a manually traded, technical, high reward-rate (HRR) trading method. If you'd like to learn their more advanced intra-day trading strategies, you must apply for and be accepted into their Platinum training program. I did not choose to take that route, because I originally purchased an Infinite Prosperity membership to learn profitable swing trading strategies. The results below were achieved with their swing trading strategies alone.

Note:  Although I did have a problem with the FXCM demo account that I used for this test, which resulted in 4 losses that should have been wins, the results of this 100-Trade Test still showed that the strategies taught in the Infinite Prosperity course are profitable. You can see my results below.

Infinite Prosperity 100-Trade Test Results

12.34% Gain

Even with the problems I had with my FXCM demo account, this system was able to produce positive results over the course of 100 trades.

3.47% Monthly

The monthly result should actually be 4.11%, but I made some mistakes in the way I ran this test. I plan to redo it in the future, and expect a slightly better result.

7.32% Drawdown

Drawdown should be lower as well. It was only 2.71% before I experienced the problem with my FXCM demo. Keep reading for more on this.

My Experience Testing Infinite Prosperity

Infinite Prosperity Trading Experience

A big plus to using this system for me is the time freedom that it provides. As a Silver or Gold member, you learn 3 profitable swing trading strategies (daily candles). These strategies are pretty simple to execute as well. This means that you will not have to sit in front of your computer screen to generate profits from the Forex market.

You only need to check your charts once each day with this system. You check your charts at the NY close each day, and I do recommend that you use NY close charts with this system. For me, this only took about 20 minutes each day, testing this trading system on 14 currency pairs. It takes even less time to trade in my live account, because I only trade a handful of currency pairs.

Note: While I was testing this system, FXCM had a problem with their demo servers which kept me from being able to log in. I was unable to adjust my open trades for several days. As a result, I suffered 5 full losses, when I should have only had 1 full loss. The remaining trades should have been either small losses or wins. I illegitimately lost over 5% because of this.

On top of the illegitimate losses, I incurred a few legitimate losses when I was able to start trading again. This pile on of losses threw off the true drawdown of this trading system. In fact, drawdown was only at 2.71% before this happened, and I had already taken 81 trades! The demo server problem brought down the overall gain and monthly numbers as well. The account was up over 20% before all of this happened. Even with all of that happening, this 100-Trade Test finished with a positive result. I plan to redo this test in the future, and I expect a better result for a few reasons:

1. The trading system now has a two new trade filtering techniques that we’re part of the trading course when I originally ran this test (back in 2013). I’ve done some limited testing on these new filters, and I believe they make the trading system more profitable.

2. The demo problem that I mentioned above threw the results of this test off a bit. I believe without that mishap this test would have finished around 20%, with about 6% monthly, and no more than 4-5% drawdown.

3. Back when I completed this test, FXCM’s MT4 platform was still using 6 daily candles per week (not NY close charts).  This trading system is designed to work with NY close charts. Especially considering some of the setups come from price action patterns, I know using NY close charts will result in better performance.

The Technical Stuff

Average Win:  64.76 pips

Average Loss:  -57.25 pips

Strike-Rate:  51% (56% before the demo problem)

Biggest Win:  3.5% (risking 1% per trade)

Other:  About half of the trades that I set up were never triggered using this trading system.