Summary:  The Top Dog Trading Foundations courses 1 and 2 teach a profitable trading system that includes scalping, intra-day, and swing trading strategies. Barry's method can be applied to any time frame, although good setups come along infrequently on the longer time frames (at least in the Forex market). Barry's method can also be applied to other markets, and he mostly trades e-minis himself. This method is a manually traded, technical, high strike rate (HSR) system. Barry also sells other courses, but I have not taken them. The results below were achieve with the strategies taught in his Foundations courses 1 and 2.

Note:  I forgot to set a stop loss on one of my trades, and basically ruined the accuracy of this test due to a huge drawdown that resulted from my mistake. I'm planning to redo this test in the near future. However, right now I'm currently testing the Forex Gemini Code, and I have 2 other tests scheduled after that is finished. For now, this incomplete test will have to do.

Top Dog Trading 100-Trade Test

20.69% Gain

This test was not all bad. I managed to make over 20% in 84 trades before I ended this test. This system is profitable, and was the first profitable system that I ever used.

6.12% Monthly

The monthly result is about what I had expected for this test, based on my live trading results. In the past, I made more per month risking 2% per trade. However all my 100-Trade Tests use 1%.

26.02% Drawdown

Whoops! I left out my stop loss and went out of town. I came back to this. Good thing this wasn't a live account. Drawdown was around 5.5% before I messed it up.

My Experience Testing Top Dog Trading

Top Dog Trading Experience

The main advantage that this system has over any other trading system that I’ve tested or reviewed for this site is the strike-rate. I won 74% of all the trades that I took for this test.

Such a high strike-rate can make a system like this good for beginners that haven’t learned how to exploit the edge that a high reward-rate (HRR) system provides. In other words, it’s harder to get discouraged when you’re winning – even if you’re winning small.

Trading this system can be time-consuming, compared to a system like Infinite Prosperity, if you’re scalping or trading any charts other than the Daily. During this test, I was spending several hours each day scanning for setups on the shorter time frames.

However, you should only trade this system during the London or New York sessions. Trading late in the London or New York sessions is also not a great idea, although Barry doesn’t specify when you should be trading with this system.

Limiting yourself to peak trading hours during each session will make the time commitment that comes with trading this system more bearable. If you don’t like to actively trade . . . if you’re looking for a more set-and-forget trading system, Top Dog Trading is probably not going to work for you.

Note: I made a big mistake during this test that threw off the drawdown number severely. I forgot to set a stop loss on one of my trades, and then went out of town for a bit. When I came back, my mistake had taken the drawdown from about 5.5% to 26.02%!

Despite that huge bonehead move by me, this test wasn’t all bad. I made over 20% in 84 trades, with a monthly gain of over 6%, risking only 1% per trade (as per the rules of the 100-Trade Test).

I plan to redo this test in the future . . . hopefully, before the end of the year. I’m not expecting much of a difference in terms of overall and monthly gain, but I want to complete the full 100 trades and be able to show you an accurate drawdown percentage.

The Technical Stuff

Average Win:  29.17 pips

Average Loss:  -38.12 pips

Strike-Rate:  74% (after 84 trades)

Biggest Win:  5.11% (risking 1% per trade)