Dr. Barry Burns’ Free 5 Day Trading Course

I’ve included a video below of Dr. Barry Burns explaining his trading course. In this brief video, Barry explains the logic behind his trading course, and goes over some of the things that will be taught in his free day trading course.

Dr. Barry’s free day trading course may be interesting to you, even if you are not interested in his particular methodology. His course contains some valuable information to consider, even if you plan to design your own trading system. The course is free, and at the end, Barry gives away the setup to one of his favorite Forex trades. Sign Up Here.

Free Day Trading Course

Free Day Trading Course

Don’t leave it up to chance anymore…

As you can see from the video, the Top Dog Trading system is based on measuring 5 energies in the market in order to take high probability trades.  The 5 market energies measured are: Trends, Momentum, Cycles, Support/Resistance, and Fractals.

By measuring these 5 market energies in an objective, simple and repeatable way, we can make more money by taking fewer high probability trades.  The concepts discussed in Dr. Burns’ free day trading course are valuable to any trader who has never considered scoring market energies in trading.

The lessons are delivered via 5 videos (one per day), with interactive quizzes at the end of each one (just to be sure you’re understanding the concepts).  On day 4, Dr. Burns reveals the setup to his “rubber band” trade.

I personally use this setup as often as I can.  It’s definitely worth learning.  I also use the Top Dog Trading (TDT) system, and I can highly recommend both Dr. Burns’ free day trading course and his full TDT system.

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