Top Dog Trading Review: Foundations Courses 1 & 2

Top Dog Trading Review

Review of:  Top Dog Trading

Use:  Intra-day and swing trading system


This trading system was the first profitable trading system that I found. To this day, I've only found one system that is more profitable.


Through my discount links, Barry's system is the lowest cost profitable trading system that I have reviewed on this site so far.

Ease of use

This system can be time-consuming to trade. The chart setup also is more technical than other systems that I've traded.


Support is prompt and friendly, but there is no ongoing support. There is no forum and no live trading room - no student interaction.

What I Like

  • Top Dog Trading is a profitable trading system
  • Barry's system is the lowest cost profitable trading system that I've used
  • The high strike-rate system is encouraging for newer traders
  • The trading system provides plenty of trade setups - especially intra-day setups
  • There are some nice unannounced bonuses

What I Don't Like

  • The intra-day trading system is very time-consuming, and trades on the Daily chart are infrequent 
  • The chart setup for this system is a bit complicated, and it takes some technical ability to set up

Summary:  Upon purchasing Dr. Barry Burns' Foundations Courses 1 & 2, you will gain access to two eBooks and some other downloads, including some nice unannounced bonuses which add value to this course. You'll learn the profitable Top Dog Trading method, which includes several strategies from scalping techniques to long-term swing trading. These courses teach a manually traded, high strike-rate (HSR) trading system that works in multiple markets.

Foundations Courses 1 & 2 can be purchased separately, but I recommend purchasing them together. Foundations Course 2 brings the full system together, making it much more profitable. Plus, you'll save $100 when you bundle the two courses together. Barry also sells some more advanced courses, but I cannot recommend them as I have not purchased any of his other courses.

 Get Foundations Courses 1 & 2 for only $495 - Save 50% of the regular price!

My Top Dog Trading Review and Test Results

Top Dog Trading was the first trading system that worked for me. I was lucky enough to find something that worked for me within my first year of trading, but after I had already wasted plenty of money on trading systems that didn't work and blown out trading accounts.

Looking back at why this trading course worked for me, I believe a lot of my success came from the fact that Barry's method is a high strike-rate trading system. It is encouraging to win the majority of your trades, even if the wins are small. This is especially true when you're just starting out.

Another thing that helped me was the fact that this trading system focuses on getting into the market at good buy and sell points, during pullbacks. This type of system typically produces good risk to reward scenarios, and that has been an important part of my success.

The course itself was very refreshing for me at the time. It was much more detailed and in-depth than the other courses that I had tried. Through the eBooks, videos, and bonuses, this trading course covers every part of your trade - from start to finish.​

Although I had already been trading this system as my main trading system for a few years at the time, I decided to do a 100-Trade Test of this system for the website. You can see the results of that test below:

Top Dog Trading 100-Trade Test

The test did not go off without a hitch. I accidentally left off a stop loss before going out of town. When I noticed the extreme drawdown that my mistake had produced, so ended the test early. I plan to redo it in the future.

Before I ended the trade I had already taken 80+ trades, which was frustrating as you can imagine. The results from the first 80 or so trades were over 20% profit, over 6% per month, and a drawdown of around 5.5% (before my mistake).

The Top Dog Trading system is not perfect, though. In fact, I switched my main trading system to Day Trading Forex Live this year.

In this Top Dog Trading review, I'm going to show you what I like about this trading course and system, as well as what's not so great about it. If you're determined to find a truly profitable trading system that is right for you, I urge you to read this full review.

Who Is Top Dog Trading For?

Top Dog Trading Is Perfect For You If:

  • You've taken trading courses in the past that have left you hanging or were too subjective
  • You're an active trader, but you want the ability to slow it down with swing trades too
  • You think you could benefit from a trading system that produces winners over 60% of the time

Top Dog Trading Is Not For You If:

  • You're looking for a set-and-forget trading system - like a swing trading system or a robot (EA)
  • You're less concerned with your trading results and more concerned with your time freedom
  • You're not comfortable with using a relatively complicated trading chart setup

If you're looking for more time freedom, and you don't mind lower monthly returns, you should try a swing trading system. Most swing trading systems require very little time to manage. Check out my full Infinite Prosperity review to learn about a profitable swing trading system.

What Is Top Dog Trading?

Top Dog Trading is a manually traded, technical, high strike-rate (HSR) trading system - as opposed to a high reward-rate trading system, like Day Trading Forex Live or Infinite Prosperity.

Course Description

  • 4 Full-color manuals
  • 27 Videos
  • Bonus Videos
  • Online FAQ
  • Lifetime membership
  • Lifetime student support

How Is Top Dog Trading Different?

The main advantage of the Top Dog Trading system is the high strike-rate. A high strike rate combined with a trading system that makes sense can be encouraging to any trader, especially a newer trader who hasn't learned how to let the edge of a high reward-rate system play out.

The trading system also provides frequent trades, which is a good fit for an active trader. However, this trading system works on any time frame, so you can also wait for the less frequent swing trades on the Daily chart if you choose to.

The Trading System​

Top Dog Trading is a manually traded, mechanical trading system. It works by taking well-timed pullback entries during trends and by taking high probability reversals when 5 market energies align. The trend trades definitely offer a higher strike-rate approach than the reversal trades in my experience.

The chart setup is a bit more technical than other systems that I've traded, but nothing too complicated. The Top Dog Trading method requires multiple custom time frames for measuring fractal energy.

You basically need to set up 3 chart time frames for each pair and relative time frame that you want to trade. For instance, if you wanted to trade the 15 Minute chart of the GBPUSD, you would need to setup a 5 Minute, 15 Minute, and 45 Minute chart for the GBPUSD.

The medium (15M) chart needs to be 3x the short-term chart (5M), and the long-term chart (45M) needs to be 3x the medium chart (15M). Some trading platforms allow for custom time frames by default, but if you use MetaTrader 4, you have to use a custom indicator to create them. See my detailed article on how to create custom times frame in MetaTrader 4.

Note: You can download the indicator that you need from that article. I also discuss how I set up separate profiles for each pair and time frame that I want to trade with the Top Dog System, which makes switching between pairs and time frames much easier. If you have any questions about any of this, leave them in the comments of that article. I'll try my best to help you.

Top Dog Trading Chart Setup

Other than setting up the custom time frames, this trading system is pretty straight forward. You will only need to add 4 moving averages to your chart, a stochastic oscillator, and an MACD oscillator with custom settings.

Another thing that I need to mention is that Barry recommends taking his trading setups using tick charts (constant volume bars/candles). I wrote an article on how to create tick charts in MetaTrader 4. The technique explained in that article is not going to be practical for most traders, because you have to wait for your charts to be built and that history is interrupted anytime you switch to another chart.

Some Forex trading platforms allow you to create custom tick charts (with history) by default, but if you use MetaTrader 4, you're SOL for now. In any case, you don't need to use tick charts. Barry's system works on timed charts as well, and that's the way I've always traded it.

The Trading Course

At the time the trading course was very refreshing to me for the simple fact that it was written in great detail. Many of the other trading systems that I had tried up to that point left me hanging as a new trader.

A drawback to the Top Dog Trading course is that Barry assumes that you know the basics of your chosen market. Since this is not a Forex specific course, you will need to already have a basic knowledge of the Forex market to get the most out of the trading course.

If you're looking for a trading course that is great for beginners, you should check out my ​full Infinite Prosperity review. The Infinite Prosperity course is a Forex specific course that covers the basics before moving on to more advanced topics.

Top Dog Trading Course

My favorite lesson in the Top Dog Trading course is the one on how to trade the "Second Chance" patterns. Those patterns are great for timing entries, and I would recommend only taking trades entries with those patterns at first. Get those down before moving on to some of the other techniques.

Another drawback to Top Dog Trading is that there is no live chat or forum. It would be nice if Top Dog Trading students had an organized place to take about trade setups and get instant feedback.

After being a member of Day Trading Forex Live for nearly a year, I can honestly say that being part of a trading community is much more helpful than just learning a trading system and then being left on your own. The community feedback and ongoing education really make a difference.

What Are Students Saying About Top Dog Trading?

So far, I've talked about what I like about the Top Dog Trading system and course, and I've also explained that this system was the first thing that worked for me. I've also told you about some of the drawbacks from my standpoint.

Now that you know what I think about this trading system and course, check out what some of Barry's other students have to say about them.

Top Dog Trading Testimonial
Top Dog Trading Testimonial 2
TDT Student Testimonial 3
TDT Student Testimonial 4

Do You Need Top Dog Trading?

Traders that want to make any kind of consistent profits in any market must use a profitable trading system. However, Top Dog Trading is only 1 of 3 profitable trading systems that I have used and recommend on this website.

Whether or not Top Dog Trading is going to be right for you comes down to your trading style and your goals. If you're an active trader, who wants to learn a methodology that provides anything from scalping trades to swing trades, Top Dog Trading is probably exactly what you're looking for.

Below are the Pros and Cons of using this system from my perspective:​


  • The trading system is profitable. It's worth mentioning again because most of the trading systems that I have tried are not profitable.
  • The trading system is a great value. This trading system is the lowest cost profitable trading system that I have tested and used. From this page, you can get Barry's 2 Foundation courses bundled for only $295.
  • The higher strike-rate is encouraging. The main advantage of this trading system is the fact that you can achieve a high win rate. This can be encouraging, especially for newer traders - even if the wins are small.
  • You will get plenty of intra-day trade setups. With this trading system, you can usually find, at least, 2 or more quality trading setups per day - especially using intra-day time frames.
  • You will get some nice unadvertised bonuses. It's always nice to get more than you were expecting for your money. Not only is the course refreshingly detailed, but you'll get a few bonuses that aren't even advertised on the sales page.


  • Intra-day trading can be very time-consuming. Most intra-day trading systems require sitting in front of your screen so that you don't miss trading setups. Top Dog Trading is no exception. It takes an active trader to make the most of this system.
  • The chart setup is technical on most platforms. If you're using MetaTrader 4, or any other trading platform that doesn't feature custom time frames by default, you'll have to use some creative workarounds to get your charts set up.

If you're more concerned with earnings, and you don't mind the extra time commitment that an intra-day trading system requires, you should consider Top Dog Trading.

This year, I switched my main trading system from Top Dog Trading to Day Trading Forex Live. Although DTFL is also an intra-day trading system, we only take trades at certain pre-determined price levels, so it's not necessary to constantly be in front of your trading screen. I also only trade the Euro and Pound with DTFL, so I spend a lot less time scanning charts, and consequently a lot less time at my computer.

If you're interested in a profitable swing trading system that's easy to learn and takes 20 minutes or less per day to trade and manage, you should check out Infinite Prosperity.



Summary:  Top Dog Trading is a manually traded, technical, high strike-rate (HSR) trading methodology that works in most time frames and just about any market. You can trade it using candlestick or tick charts. The trading system is profitable, and the course is refreshingly detailed - although not for complete beginners.

You can use the Top Dog Trading system to swing trade, but good setups happen infrequently on the Daily charts in the Forex market. Intra-day setups require more time commitment, but the tradeoff is better monthly returns.

$495 From this Top Dog Trading review page - Save 50% of the regular price!

31 thoughts on “Top Dog Trading Review: Foundations Courses 1 & 2”

  1. Hi,

    Nice review – thanks for that.

    I have some questions:
    1) What trading approach from TopDogTrading did you use for this test (scalping, cherry picking, conservative cherry picking or eagle eye)?
    2) What were the exact 3 timeframes you’ve used? Was it 5 min, 15 min, 45 min?
    3) What FX trade session did you use for this test (Asia, London, London and NY)?
    4) What FX pairs you’ve used?


    • Hi Bogdan,

      1) I used all of the trading techniques taught in the Top Dog Trading course.
      2) I used multiple sets of timeframes ranging from 2M, 6M, and 18M to 8H, 1D, and 3D. Of course, the 5M, 15M, and 45M set was included in that range and I got lots of trades on those charts.
      3) I usually only trade the NY session (because I live in the USA) and the test I ran for TDT was no exception.
      4) I used all of the major pairs and most of the minor pairs. No exotics, commodities, metals, etc.

      • Hi Chris,

        Thanks for the answer.

        I’m curios (as you’ve traded TDT approach for some time) what was your experience in trading the TDT scalping technique vs the other techniques?

        Also – do you have an idea if the majority of the trades in your tests were scalp trades vs the other techniques trades?


        • Hi again Bogdan,

          I don’t actually trade the TDT system anymore, although I still recommend it. I’ve been trading the DTFL system for the last 3 years. To answer your first question, I didn’t use the scalping techniques in my live trading. I know they work, though, because I got plenty of scalping setups when I was testing TDT and while I was running this public test. I just prefer a more conservative approach when I have my own money on the line.

          As for your second question, It’s been a while since I ran this test. That being said, I know scalping trades weren’t anywhere close to a majority of the trades taken during this test. If I had to guess, I’d say it was more like 25% – 30%% at the most.

      • Chris. Regarding 4 above, if u used all those charts ( say 20 or so) , and for each u had to have 3 charts, that would be about 60 charts !? How did u manage these ?? very time consuming ?? just wondering……… tx again

        • Hey, Alex. I think we already spoke about this on Facebook or something, so this if for anyone else who is curious. I’ve also covered this in other articles on this site.

          To answer your last question, I would put each pair into a separate profile with the three charts I needed. Then I could just use a hotkey or the menu to switch between profiles. It was pretty easy once it was all set up.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Good review, I do have a question.

    When you were trading the Aggressive Cherry Picking style, what quality of set up did you usually wait for on the MT chart before feeling comfortable enough to take the trade e.g a hook on K & D, a second chance pattern or Momentum angling in your direction.


    • Hello Damien,

      Great question! I always preferred having a second chance pattern form. In the case of the Aggressive Cherry Picking style, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to see a second chance pattern form on the MT chart, as long as it’s got other things going for it. In that case, though, I would want the ST chart to form a second chance pattern that I could use as an entry trigger.

      In my opinion, it can sometimes be more tricky doing it the other way around (second chance pattern on the MT chart and not on the ST chart), because you know a move in price is coming but it’s harder to time your entry. Obviously, when you get a second chance pattern on both it’s great, but that doesn’t happen often.

      I think waiting for a second chance pattern on, at least, one of your charts is the way to go. Of course, that means you’ll get fewer trading opportunities but the quality of your trades will be much better. That’s my 2 cents. Thanks for the question and good luck!

  3. hello sir, i just want to ask, what is the purpose or how will you use the lowest time frame from the 3 time frames? thank you..

    • It depends on the strategy, which we can’t talk about here. You’re probably wanting to use the lowest time frame for your entry, though. If you have more specific questions, you should ask Barry. He or his staff will get back to you quickly.

  4. Hi Chris, I am using Top Dog Indicators ,but I am steel learning. Are you willing to talk to me over the email with the questions I have ?

    • I don’t do 1-on-1 support, George. This is Barry’s course – not mine. You’re in luck, though, because Barry and/or his staff are willing to help you with any questions you have regarding the indicators or the trading system. They’ve always responded quickly to any questions that I’ve had.

  5. Hi Chris,

    Long time no speak… thanks for your continued efforts. I did message u dome months ago on DTFL, and u were very helpful. I think at the time, I must have missed TDT, otherwise because I had much more time, I may have had a go at this one…….I would have done scalping as I like that,… I Have the custom TF converter on MT4, so that part wouldnt be a problem. Also have a tick chart converter as well !
    What concerns me a bit is the 3 Multi charts that need to be used . Hopefully that is not overwhelming, especially as u will have to do all custom charts! I have experience in the markets ( started in 1999), so the Macd diverg that u mention above, will make sense so that hopefully I can
    learn the concept quickly .
    I read somewhere that u were saying TDT has its own problems ? Are they the ones that u have outlined above? ( such as custom charts on MT4)
    I like the idea of HSR….. that would do good for my confidence ! As u say it would have been good, if Barry had a live room, or at least a community ( like DTFL). The problems and questions usually arise once u have finished a course and that on going support is important I think.
    I live in the UK, and perhaps I can schedule my work day to do perhaps 8 till 10am here, just scalping……


  6. Chris. Regarding 4 above, if u used all those charts ( say 20 or so) , and for each u had to have 3 charts, that would be about 60 charts !? How did u manage these ?? very time consuming ?? just wondering……… tx again

  7. Btw, on a side note, u can get Tick charts for MT4 from a site called . They are not free ( about $40) but they give u
    history and everything else. I only use the basic tick chart on there…

    • Hey, Alex! I remember your name. I don’t remember what we talked about before, but I’m glad I could help you. Yes, any issues I have with TDT are detailed above. The main thing is that it can be complicated to set up for new traders. I don’t think that will be a problem for you.

      You asked how I dealt with so many multiple chart setups, if I’m not mistaken. I created a separate profile in MT4 for each set of charts. So, for instance, 2M, 6M, 18M would be saved in a profile called something like 2M, 6M, 18M EURUSD TDT. Then you can just switch between profiles. This is one of the reason that I say it can be complicated for beginners, though.

      In the case above, you would open a 1M chart and apply the period converter to it 3 times. Change the multiplier on one to 2, another to 6, etc…. You get the point.

      Also, if you use the tick chart script that I uploaded to this site, each time you switched profiles you’re tick chart would reset. Maybe it was every time you close MT4 it would reset. I don’t remember. Since you have the ability to use tick charts with history, you don’t have to worry about that.

      I was using a similar indicator at one point. I don’t remember exactly why I didn’t share the details on this site. I do remember that it was about $45 as well. Thanks for sharing that, though.

      I can be time consuming, relative to say DTFL, in that there are always more charts to check. With DTFL, a setup is more or less either happening, about to happen, or not happening soon. You can walk away from your charts for a bit.

      If you don’t mind that and you think that you would like the fractal confirmation setups (checking higher and sometimes lower time frames), then it might be perfect for you. You already trade with tick charts and you want to scalp. Sort of seems like a perfect fit.

      • Good to hear from u Chris. I have the course now and am just going through it….. Like u say, pretty detailed
        which is good……. I am just going through course 1 , so still early days.

        Never used the profiles, but I know about them. So u had the 3 charts for each pair on one profile and kept switching between them?
        I will update u , once I get through it



    • I’m using the DTFL strategy now, which I reviewed on this site, when I trade currencies. Barry’s system does work in the stock market. Many of these techniques work on other investing vehicles. Barry himself trades futures with his system, I believe. I’m sure some, if not most, of his techniques would even work with crypto, because the psychology that drives these patterns is the same across markets.

  8. If anyone trading Barrys course would like to connect I would be happy to! email me at [redacted]. As of now I am using the eagle eye method and hope to keep it going.

    • Hey, Andrew. I almost posted your message as-is, but you would’ve gotten a lot of spam. Feel free to share your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc… some other way for folks to get in touch with you.

  9. Hello Chris, it has been a blessing coming across your site and article, my trading psychology and profitability has improved tremendously. Thanks alot, Please what trading system do you recommend for Indices ?

    • I love to hear that, Dave! I’ve never traded indices myself, but of all of the trading systems that I’ve tested (at least of those that were profitable), Top Dog Trading seems to be the least specific to any particular market. Barry mentions in his course that he developed these techniques trading futures, but also trades stocks. I’ve used his techniques in the Forex and stock markets (growth stocks – not indices).

      Compared to Day Trading Forex Live (DTFL), which is very specific to the Forex market, Top Dog Trading is probably your best bet. You can always try it out, and if it doesn’t work for you, there is a money-back guarantee. Hope that helps. Good luck!

  10. In my strong opinion one need’s wave counter software to trade the first two method’s of Top Dog Trading. Of course the wave counter software is an upsell. Top Dog Trading should do a deal that includes the software to be fair on the consumer. I got a no question’s asked refund and lost like $30 in currency conversion and or currency conversion fee through paypal.

    • I guess I would have to agree, if you’re talking about someone just starting to trade this system. I believe that’s one of the main reasons I bought the indicators in the first place, but it was so long ago… I can barely remember.

      It would be great if they were included. You know how it is, though. It’s an opportunity to make more money, so they’re going to take it.


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