Top Dog Trading Reviews: Foundations Course 1 & 2

If you’ve ever tried your hand in the market, whether you’re trading currencies, stocks, futures or commodities, you know that it can be very risky as well as very lucrative.

Some say that you can’t beat the market, however, there are countless individuals that make a comfortable living by trading. It all depends upon a profitable trading system, psychological discipline, and excellent money management.

Finding a profitable trading system is an important component of successful trading. The knowledge successful traders have acquired gives them an edge over the market.

For the most part, the necessary information for developing a winning trading strategy is available to the public for free via websites (like this one) and forums. Piecing together a winning trading strategy is another story.

If you are just starting out, or you are having trouble maintaining profitability in your trading, you may be in need of a better trading system. Trading without a consistent, objective and repeatable system of rules is simply gambling.

If you want to be consistently profitable in the market, you must find your edge. You must find a profitable system that works for you, and practice it until its rules become second nature.

One such trading system that works very well for me is the Top Dog Trading system by Dr. Barry Burns.  If you’re still struggling to make consistent profits in trading, I encourage you to read my Top Dog Trading reviews below.

Foundations Course 1: Cycles & Trends

Foundations Course 1

The first course in Dr. Barry Burns’ Foundation series covers the basics of his trading methodology. Barry’s system is based on taking high probability trades when multiple market energies align. In this course, we are introduced to trend and cycle energies.

Barry teaches you how to use simple moving averages, stochastic oscillators and support and resistance to objectively and confidently take high probability trades on just these two energies combined with support/resistance (a blockage of market energy).

One of my favorite sections of this course are the pages and videos devoted to the stochastic patterns Barry refers to as “second chance” patterns.  These are great for determining absolute cycle highs and lows.  You will learn how to use these “second chance” patterns as entry triggers as well as confirmation of fractal energy in the direction of your trade.

In Foundations Course 1, you will learn how to read the market and identify new trends as they develop. You will also learn exactly when to enter and exit your trades for the highest returns.  Most traders struggle to let their profits run on winning trades, but Barry’s system will keep you from exiting too early.

Note: When entering trades with Barry’s Top Dog Trading methodology, you never risk more than one or two bars for your stop loss. This adds up to very favorable risk/reward scenarios on winning trades, and (with good money management) small losses.

Foundations Course 2: Momentum

Foundations Course 2

The second course in Dr. Barry’s Foundation series covers the finer points of his methodology, including using momentum as a leading indicator.  You will learn about a better indicator for determining your exits.  Learn how to trade trend reversals for potentially huge returns on your investment.

Foundations Course 2 is packed with information, including a bunch of unadvertised bonus videos and manuals.  These are not your average bonus videos either.  Every single bonus adds to Barry’s trading method.  In fact, I still get bonus videos via email from time to time.  Some of my favorite bonus videos are the lessons on trading the news, trading gaps and what Barry calls “freedom” trades.

Although Foundations 1 describes and illustrates a full trading system, the information in Foundations 2 gives this system a much higher probability approach, and it adds a few more techniques and setups to the methodology.

After paying to learn several other approaches that only lost money for me, I can honestly say that Dr. Barry’s Top Dog Trading is the system that finally made it all click for me. The others I tried aren’t even worth mentioning in comparison.

Not every trading system is right for every trader, but Barry’s system has worked for me. I would recommend Dr. Barry’s methodology to any trader who is still struggling to make consistent profits in the market.

See my full review of Top Dog Trading for more information. Click here to get exclusive discounts (up to 50%) on Top Dog Trading courses!  Sign up to Dr. Barry’s free newsletter here, and receive a free 5-day mini trading course that includes Barry’s “rubber band” trade setup.


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