Day Trading Forex Live Review

Use:  Forex day trading system


This trading system is consistently profitable. I'm using it in my own live account.


This system is very affordable, especially when you consider all of the features and support.

Ease of use

The system itself is not very difficult to learn, but day trading can be time consuming.


Sterling offers the best support that I've seen in the Forex education industry thus far.

What I Like

  • DTFL is a profitable trading system
  • The members area is very helpful for verifying good trading setups on a daily basis
  • The Daily Market Review provides great feedback for learning and trading the system correctly
  • The Live Trading Room is a great place to learn and receive support in real-time 

What I Don't Like

  • Trading on the 15 Minute charts, as we do in DTFL, can be time consuming
  • There can be few trade setups if you only trade the Euro and the Pound like I do

Summary:  With a membership to Day Trading Forex Live you'll learn a profitable smart money trading system, which is most likely different than anything else you've traded thus far. This is, by far, my favorite trading system right now. I've tested it for over 8 months and started trading my live account using Sterling's techniques a few months back. Update: I'm still using this system profitably after more than 5 years.

Day Trading Forex Live has been consistently profitable for me through my testing and live account trading, which is why I put this Day Trading Forex Live review together. Keep reading to learn more about this unique trading system.

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My Day Trading Forex Live Review

Have you ever felt like, even if you know you're trading a profitable system, you still end up taking all of the losing trades and missing the winning trades? I know that feeling . . . Murphy's law at its best.

I would prefer to only swing trade if I could get away with it. The problem is that I haven't been able to find a swing trading system that can produce the returns that I'm looking for, so I've always day traded or supplemented my swing trading with day trading.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) trading isn't the only thing I have going on. I didn't have enough time in the day to do everything that I was trying to do. A few years ago, I started trying to find ways to meet my financial goals from trading without dedicating so much time to it.

Because of my increasing desire to spend less time in front of my computer screen, I started missing a lot of good trades. I had no problem taking the losers, though. Those little misses started to add up, and I was seeing less than stellar returns.

I needed something simpler than what I was doing.

I didn't want to go back to gluing my eyes to my monitor, and at the same time, I had tossed around the idea of testing another trading system for this site. If ever there was a reason to try something new, this was it. So early last year, I went looking for a new trading system.

Looking for a New Trading System

I tried a bunch of trading systems (I've tested over 100 systems at this point). Some I paid for. The most expensive one cost $997! Others I picked up at random places, like trading forums.

A couple of them showed some promise during my initial testing. I even started to live trade one of them, but ultimately, none of them were profitable in the long term.

Day Trading Forex Live Review

Then, I found Day Trading Forex Live.

I really just stumbled upon the site. I was researching more trading systems on Youtube one afternoon. While watching a video about smart money trading, I noticed a comment mentioning Sterling's DTFL site. I usually don't follow links like that, but I'm glad I decided to that day.

I've tested and traded Sterling Suhr's advanced Forex bank trading course for 8 months. It's been consistently profitable for me during my testing and live account trading through varying market conditions.

Update: I'm still trading this system profitably after more than 5 years. This is now the only Forex trading system that I use.

I'm excited to tell you about Day Trading Forex Live, because not only is it a profitable trading system, but Sterling is also offering the absolute best ongoing Forex education and support that I have come across.

In this Day Trading Forex Live review, I'm going to show you why I'm still trading this system after more than 5 years and how it's different from anything else you've ever tried. I'm also going to tell you about why I think Sterling's system isn't going to be perfect for every trader. As always, your experiences may differ from mine.

Who Is Day Trading Forex Live For?

DTFL Is Perfect For You If:

  • You want to know what really moves the market, and how to profit from it
  • You're interested in getting an advanced, ongoing Forex education
  • You could benefit from the real-time support of a live trading room
  • You want to join a helpful community of successful traders

DTFL Is Not For You If:

  • You're still searching for that "holy-grail" trading system that is just out of your reach
  • You're looking for a set-and-forget trading system, like a swing trading system, or a robot (EA)*.
  • You don't have the patience to wait for good trading setups

*Sterling does offer DTFL Pro, which is an EA that is able to semi-automate his trading system (more on this later).

Many traders would prefer to check their charts once per day, which you can do with a swing trading system. The problem with swing trading is that there just aren't enough trades to make it worth the time, and frankly, worth having your money tied up in a trading account.

For instance, I tested one swing trading system that was actually profitable, but it would have taken me about 4 years to make only 30%. If you have a huge trading account, maybe that's worth your time. For most of us, it's not.

Day trading obviously takes more effort and time than swing trading, but the payoff (if all goes well) is higher returns. If you want to make those higher returns and you don't mind putting in the effort of day trading to get them, you want to join the Day Trading Forex Live community.

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What Is Day Trading Forex Live?

On the surface, Day Trading Forex Live looks like your typical day trading course and trading system. DTFL is a manually traded, technical, high reward-rate (HRR) trading system. The trading system is taught by video, instead of a PDF or webpage.

Course Description

  • 8 Trading course videos
  • 5 Course add-on videos
  • 8 More bonus videos
  • Live Training Room
  • Archived live videos
  • Daily Market Review
  • Member forum
  • Live member chat
  • MT4 indicators
  • Lifetime email support

How Is Day Trading Forex Live Different?

​Day Trading Forex Live is different from other trading courses that I have taken for four main reasons:

1.  The trading system

2.  The Daily Market Review

3.  The Live Training Room​

The Trading System

Sterling's Day Trading Forex Live trading system is different than anything I have ever traded before because the method is based on what is happening behind the patterns that appear on your chart - not the technical pattern themselves.

How will this help you? Have you ever felt like your participation in the market is part of someone else's money making business? Like no matter what strategy you use, the market seems to just be against you. Well . . . you're right!

Sterling's system will teach you how to trade with the smart money . . . the guys that actually move the market. You'll learn how to stop being the victim of stop runs, and how to start making money when the market makers do this to other traders.​

DTFL Trading System Review

Although sterling's system does use a certain price action rule set, that he calls the "confirmation entry," to enter trades, his method is not actually based on price action. It's based on the stuff going on behind the scenes to create certain patterns . . . patterns that the market makers use to lure average retail traders into buying or selling.

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The Daily Market Review

The Daily Market Review (DMR) is a great training resource. Each night Sterling talks about the trades that occurred the day before (if applicable), and he answers commons questions related to any unusual trading conditions that we experienced.

This is an amazing tool for learning his trading system, because you get daily feedback on whether or not you are taking the right trades.

In the past, I was involved in a stock trading that met weekly to discuss trades in a webinar, but the daily feedback from the Daily Market Review is head-and-shoulders (no pun intended) above anything else that I've experienced in terms of learning to trade the trading system the way it's intended.

DTFL Daily Market Review

In the DMR, Sterling also pre-selects the levels and pairs that he expects we will be trading the following day.

When I first signed up, he only pre-selected levels on the Euro and the Pound. Since then, he has expanded his duties to include pre-selected levels on any pairs that are looking primed for a quality setup.

Although I still only trade the Euro and the Pound, most of the other members trade many other pairs. They get many more trade setups than I do these days, but that's fine with me. Sticking to only 2 pairs limits my time in front of my trading screen (which is welcome for me) and it helps me trade those 2 pairs very consistently.

Either way you decide to trade the system, Sterling's DMR is an outstanding tool for learning the system and continuing to grow as a trader.

The Live Training Room

The last feature that I want to mention in this Day Trading Forex Live review, but certainly not the least, is the Live Training Room. Members of DTFL can join Sterling's live trading room twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) during the New York session.

DTFL Live Trading Room

​This is a great time to ask Sterling questions that may require a longer, or more in-depth, explanation. Sometimes it's just harder to get your point across in an email, which is why the live trading room is so useful.

At the same time, you also have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions in real-time . . . meaning you won't have to wait for hours or days to get your question answered to your full satisfaction.

If a trade setup occurs during the live trading room, Sterling will take the trade with us. Even when no setup is occurring, you can always ask Sterling for advice on levels that you are looking at on any pairs that you trade.

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What Are Students Saying About DTFL?

In this Day Trading Forex Live review, I've talked about what I like about DTFL, how it's been different than other courses that I've tried, and the success that I've had testing and trading the system in my live account.

Now that you know what I think about the trading system and course, take a look at what some of Sterling's other students are saying:​

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Do You Need Day Trading Forex Live?

Day Trading Forex Live is the most profitable trading system that I have tested and traded to date. Is it for everyone? No trading system is. It all depends on what you want to get out of a trading system, and what you're willing to do to get it.

Below are the Pros and Cons of using this system from my perspective:​


  • The trading system is profitable.  I have to stress that, because most of the trading courses and systems out there are crap.
  • The Daily Market Review reinforces the trading system.  This is so useful to this system, especially in the beginning. Daily pre-selected levels will help you trade this system profitably.
  • The live members chat is a daily lifesaver.  The community chat at DTFL is helpful when you're learning, and I still check the shoutbox before taking any trades.
  • The Live Training Room is great for asking questions. Getting real-time support from Sterling on upcoming or past trades is invaluable. You'll get up to speed fast by attending the live trading room.


  • It can be time consuming to trade.  Trading on the 15 Minute time frame, like we do in DTFL, can be time consuming. However, the simplicity and nature of this particular method make it less time consuming than other day trading systems that I have used.
  • Not as many trade setups as other systems.  Experienced traders go for quality over quantity. That being said, DTFL can provide few setups, at certain times, if you're only trading the Euro and Pound like I do.

If you're looking for strategies that provide lots of time freedom, you're better off choosing a swing trading system or an EA (although I've never tested and EA that was profitable on it's own). However, the returns are never going to be as good as a profitable day trading system, like DTFL.

Note:  Sterling offers DTFL Pro for $59/month (plus a one-time setup fee). DTFL Pro is an EA that allows you to automate Sterling's trading system. You select the levels to trade from, and the EA executes and manages your trades while you're away. Many DTFL members use this software to trade the system while they're at work or asleep. I have not used it myself. I only mention it as an option to trade this system with a restrictive schedule or to simply provide more time freedom.

If you're interest in trading a profitable day trading system that is most likely different than anything else you've tried, and you want to trade it with a community of helpful and focused traders in a live environment, then Day Trading Forex Live is exactly what you've been looking for.



Summary:  In my opinion, Day Trading Forex Live is the best Forex day trading system on the market. The support and daily feedback are second to none. The live environment and helpful community make learning and correctly trading this system easier than other systems that I've traded in the past.

I've been trading this system for more than 5 years now, and it has always been consistently profitable for me. At this time, I still haven't found anything better.

Lifetime membership only $279 right now! Use coupon code "FXDAYJOB" to save an additional $30!

Offer expires June 30th!